Where We Began

When Charles Keller decided to share his love of the 1960s Batman TV series with his two young sons, he never imagined that simple act would become something much bigger and way more insane. But after just one episode, the boys became obsessed with all things Super Hero!

To Charles’ twisted mind, there was only one logical next step: he had to find a real-life Batmobile for his family. He soon found himself test driving a replica of the original nuclear-powered chariot—and then taking it home.

By watching the Batmobile inspire wonder and joy Charles knew it was more than just a great set of wheels. Charles could see that sharing the Batmobile was a great experience not just for others, but for himself too. The Batmobile is now at the heart of a one-of-a-kind experience that transforms children into Super Heroes, creating unforgettable memories for families.

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Key to the Batmobile

And those amazing cars aren’t just for show: the nominated child gets to go for a thrilling ride in the Batmobile (driven by Mom or Dad) and in the sidecar of the one-of-a-kind Crime Fighting Cycle. To complete the child’s transformation from ordinary boy or girl to Crime Fighter, the child receives a key to the Batmobile (a.k.a. the Spirit of Batman Award) and is invited to take his or her parents for a spin upon receiving a driver’s license at age 16. These keys are coveted and clutched tightly by every boy and girl that receives one.


Famous Friends of the Foundation


Did you know that Santa is a Snowbird? Yep. He spends his off months doing good around Phoenix. If you think about it, Santa has a lot in common with the Caped Crusader: they both do their work at night and they both reward good and punish evil.


When not chasing the puck, Howler has come to pay us a visit. Howler, the newest team mascot of all professional sports teams, was born in 2005. Howler is a full-bred coyote; therefore he’s nocturnal like our friend the Caped Crusader.


We treat all our guests like kings and queens, and many of them have even gotten the chance to meet local royalty, like Miss Phoenix and Miss Arizona. They’ve been known to stop by the Crime Fighting Cave to share a little inspiration and courage with our amazing families.

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