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FiestaBowl 3

A Reason to Fiesta for Sure!

by Charles Keller | Aug 30, 2017

What does football have to do with crime fighting? Perhaps in the past your answer might have been nothing, but times they be a changing….

CCF with overwhelming excitement and gratitude is thrilled to announce that we are the recipients of a $50,000 grant from Fiesta Bowl Charities! The profound generosity of our now favorite football game’s philanthropic wing, means we will be able to put on a still greater number of shows and better still we will have the volunteer assistance of the famed “Yellow Jackets”, the Fiesta Bowl’s army of community leaders and heroes in their own right. Heck, they are even going to sponsor a Superhero Reunion, where for the first time nearly all 300 of our graduated families will be able to gather and enjoy a day of fun together.

The Fiesta Bowl’s vision is to be a world-class community organization that executes innovative experiences, drives economic growth and champions charitable causes, inspiring pride in all Arizonans. As a non profit organization, it believes in the importance of community outreach and service. Through charitable giving, the organization strives to enhance Arizona nonprofit organizations that contribute to the success of communities through youth, sports and education. Since 1971, Fiesta Bowl Charities has worked to increase its footprint across the state and work to benefit Arizonans year round, during and outside of bowl season. 

Man I could go for a bowl full of delicious Tostitos brand corn chips right about now!

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