“Through an odd combination of too much TV as a kid and a kooky sense of humor, I can give families a single happy memory”

- Charles Keller, The Man Behind the Madness

FiestaBowl 3

A Reason to Fiesta for Sure!

by Charles Keller | Aug 30, 2017

What does football have to do with crime fighting? Perhaps in the past your answer might have been nothing, but times they be a changing….... read more →

Tyson Journal

Dimes Make Dollar$

by Charles Keller | Jul 16, 2015

Tyson is one tough cookie.  Many would crumble under the weight of the medical issues he has had to confront lately, but not him!... read more →

Musings Psyclone 15jpg

The Fins of the Father

by Charles Keller | Feb 26, 2015

If you can’t yet tell, we have a love of building crazy stuff from a bygone era.  Perhaps our best and nuttiest idea yet is the creation of a car not seen in its’ original condition for half a century!  But first you need a history lesson.... read more →

Musings Batcopter

Gentlemen, The Sky Awaits

by Charles Keller | Feb 24, 2015

We just could not be a serious crime fighting organization now a days without an aviation component.  But if we are going to take to the skies, there needs to be a twisted tale to tell.  We will not let you down.... read more →

Musings Volunteers 1

A Cause Greater Than One’s Self

by Charles Keller | Feb 13, 2015

At our most recent show, Bridget, the Executive Director at HopeKids Arizona mentioned something that we ourselves had noticed.  She said that the shows have taken on a whole new level of energy lately.  Sure, we have lots going on, but there is something the air.  We think the volunteers have much to do with it. ... read more →

Musings Cave1

A Monument to Compassion

by Charles Keller | Feb 8, 2015

When man went to the Moon, it cost something like $100 billion dollar in today’s money.  But when Neil Armstrong sets foot on another planet, nobody bothered to save the good footage and we are left with very grainy images of what was supposed to be mankind’s shining moment.  I call do-over.... read more →

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