Ways to Give

The Colten Cowell Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our donations go to putting on cave shows, supporting our staff (90% of our staff are volunteers), and building our new 35,000 square foot facility.

Monthly Gift

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? With the check of a box, your monthly gift provides the resources to sustain long term plans for the cave.

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Your contributions are used in a number of ways--whether bringing families to the cave for a night, giving local charities grants, or building the new fully-accessible Crime Fighting cave.


Partners in Cave Building

Are you a skilled craftsman that's always dreamed of a pet project that was really "out there?" Do you produce a material that caves are built with? We'd love to partner with you.

Partner in Building

Partners in the Spotlights

In comic book lore, the heroes—apart from those with daytime jobs as gazillionaires or reporters—are usually depicted as lone wolves operating on the fringe of society. But, just as with modern crime fighters, today’s non-profit organizations are anything but disconnected. We couldn’t do what we do without networking with others. That’s why the Colten Cowell Foundation partners with and contributes to a core group of wonderful organizations such as these. Partnering with us begins with nominating a child to come to the cave. Learn more about nominating a child.


Social Support

Another fantastic way to support the Colten Cowell Foundation is to spread the word about what we are doing. You can learn, listen and share via the multiple channels below. 


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