Become an Everyday Superhero

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? With the check of a box, your monthly gift provides the resources to sustain long term plans for the cave.

Make a Monthly Gift


Your contributions are used in a number of ways—whether bringing families to the cave for a night, giving local charities grants, or building the new fully-accessible Crime Fighting Cave.

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Ethan and Grandma

Honor and Tribute Gifts

A tribute gift is a nice way to honor a friend or loved oneAlternatively, a memorial gift is a thoughtful way to remember someone special who has passed away by making a gift in his or her memory.

Give in Honor

Join our Mission






You just bought a deserving child a Spirit of Batman Award, which includes a key that actually starts the Batmobile.


DVD set of our favorite TV show given to a nominated child at the conclusion of every Cave Experience... no such thing as sitting too close to the TV.


Enough gasoline to run the world famous Batmobile for one year (when the atomic batteries aren’t up to the job)


Crime Fighting Cycle needs new tires. You get to be the hero and save us from the flat tire villain!


Enough scratch to cover half a donation to a charity honored at the Cave. Mother Teresa has nothing on you.


Your generosity is so profound, a life-size bust of you will be on permanent display in the lobby of the new Monument to Compassion.

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